Distance Learning

  • Nutrients for Life Canada has prepared e-lessons for parents or teachers to use at home. The lessons come with links to videos, activity books and games to help educate about the importance of soil, plant nutrients and understanding agricultural sustainability.


  • Access a variety of soil-related lesson plans and resources from Nutrients for Life Foundation (USA).

    Check out the E-lessons available.

    New e-lessons launch every Wednesday!


  • This is a 90-second Virtual Reality* game called Nutrients for Life. As players virtually farm they apply Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and water to a field based on 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

    *The game requires an Oculus headset for the full immersed experience, but you can view an online version at www.SeedSurvivor.com
    or download the game from the STEAM VR Store.

    This game is fun for all ages on desktop, but if playing virtually it is recommended for players 8+

    Fun for all ages

  • Check out Progressive Agriculture’s Daily Learning Drops that offer various safety and health-related activities and demonstrations using a fun, unique and hands-on approach. As the children are home, now is the perfect time to think about adopting safer practices and healthier lifestyles.

    Curriculum and activities are designed for students ages 4 to 13. 

  • Teaching children about agriculture just got easier! Check out Seed Survivor for agriculture lesson plans, videos, games, recipes, posters and much more. This curriculum-based resource will help elementary students learn that plants need water, light, healthy soil, and nutrients to survive.

    Grades 3-4 teachers are invited to sign up for a classroom kit for their students as part of our NEW Seed Survivor virtual presentation experience.

    Grades 1-6

Teaching Resources
Growing the Next Generation provides a wide selection of resources for teachers.
  • Full online lesson plans available
  • Curriculum-linked
  • Most resources offered at no cost
  • Fun and engaging content