Our Approach

  • Growing the Next Generation aims to provide students of all ages with an understanding of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

    • Education

      We believe that educating our youth is the key to ensuring a healthy future for our industry and agriculture in general. Our education programs are based on science, aligned with curriculum and teach sustainable practices that will result in long-term positive change.

    • Partnership

      We engage a variety of stakeholders in the development and implementation of our educational programming to achieve a greater impact. We also believe in sharing with like-minded partners that can help extend the reach and evolve the programs.

  • Brought to you by Nutrien

    Nutrien is committed to growing the next generation by creating unique and valuable learning opportunities to provide youth with a better understanding of sustainable agriculture, food security and environmental stewardship. By partnering with others, we cultivate impactful programs and reach students around the world.

  • Education

    We provide educational programs for children and youth that teach the vital importance of agriculture, food security, and environmental stewardship for the future of society. Nutrien takes a leadership role in creating value-adding activities that are sustainable in the long term, result in positive change and can expand globally.

    Our programs are curriculum, science and inquiry based, creating interest and adoption by educators and community groups worldwide. Many of our educational support programs outside of our business are directed at youth. At Nutrien, we are strong advocates for farm safety and leadership development.

    Our programs are often developed for youth and youth educators in partnership with not-for-profit organizations. By partnering with others to design and implement our educational programming we are able to extend reach and remain evolutionary in our offerings, thus achieving the greatest impact possible for students and educators.


    Programs & Partners

    Nutrien works in partnership with stakeholders in the community to be a good neighbor – protecting, growing and enriching the communities in which we operate and beyond. In this essence, we strive to build and maintain positive relationships within our communities.

    One way we accomplish this is by providing educational resources to local schools and communities through a variety of education programs. We categorize our educational programming into three focus areas:

    • Environmental Education
    • Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrient Stewardship Education
    • Farm Safety Education

    Of the youth programs supported, Nutrien has led the development of three highly successful programs called Seed Survivor®, Caring for Our Watersheds® and Journey 2050®.

    Additionally we’ve partnered to support Little Green Thumbs, Nutrients for Life USA, Nutrients for Life Canada, 4H, Future Farmers of America, Progressive Ag Foundation, Alberta Children’s Hospital Horticultural Therapy, Agriculture for Life, Calgary Stampede and Exhibition, and Agriculture in the Classroom.

    Our success is measured by stakeholder feedback and interest. We continually strive to improve the reach of our programs and the quality of the learning.

    We work with thousands of organizations – here are a few past and present partners that we collaborate with to share resources and expand programs: