Farmers 2050

  • Discover what it really takes to feed the world!

    Grow crops, raise livestock, support your community and engage with local and global partners as you level up. Feeding the world relies on Farmers 2050 app logo iconbalancing your economic, social and environmental sustainability so strive to be a leader. Along the way, real farmers from across the world will show you what they are doing on their farms.

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    Journey 2050It all started with Journey 2050 in schools. The program was written by teachers and industry experts to complement curriculum and teach agriculture using game-based technology. As students explore world food sustainability they make inquiry-based decisions to see the ripple effect on social, economic and environmental factors locally and globally. Agricultural experts and farm families guide students while showcasing sustainable agricultural practices in a virtual farm simulation.

    The number one question the students ask after going through Journey 2050 is, ‘Can I download and play this game at home?’ The reality of a school program is there are bell schedules to adhere to. As a result, a new version was created to allow for ongoing game-play at home. FARMERS 2050 includes more commodities, exposure to careers, unique learning moments, videos of real farm practices and much more.

    Journey 2050 (School Edition) and Farmers 2050 (Home Edition) are free education programs brought to you by Nutrien, Calgary Stampede, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, 4-H Canada, Agriculture in the Classroom Canada, National Agriculture in the Classroom (USA), Nutrients for Life (Canada and USA) and Ag for Life.

    • Based on real agricultural practices
    • Developed by industry experts
    • Hands on learning
    • Download and play for free
    • No advertisements or in-app purchases
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