Grade 3

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  • An apple is used to model the earth. Students learn that just 1/32 of its surface is devoted to farmland. Discuss in class what sacrifices may be needed to feed a larger population.

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  • Ag for Life’s eLearning Labs offer a variety of online educational tools that are available to learners of all ages. Topics include sustainability, ag careers, farm fun and more!


  • Check out the curriculum linked resources available from AITC-C. Filter by grade, subject or resource type. These lessons focus on Canadian agriculture.

    AITC-C provincial member organizations are working hard to provide resources, lesson plans and activities to support learning about agriculture and food from home! Explore and download these FREE resources from across Canada.


  • AITC-MB has bilingual resources, lesson plans and free downloads that can be used at home. These lessons focus on Canadian and/or agriculture in Manitoba.

    There is even a COVID-19 lesson regarding the effects on Canada’s Agriculture System and Food Supply.


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