• Water quality is crucial to a sustainable future, but how much do you know about it?

    High school science teachers and their students are invited to use a brand-new education tool to study water quality this year. The H2Know digital case study is an investigation of water quality challenges in Lake Erie published by the Nutrients for Life Foundation. Numerous experts in environmental science, water treatment, soil science, agricultural engineering and secondary education worked together to develop this curriculum.

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  • With a future global population of 9 billion, experience how your present-day decisions can directly impact society, the environment and the economy using our unique digital tools. Designed by teachers and sustainability experts for middle school students, our scenarios and games on sustainable agriculture will inspire and inform using the example of three farm families in Kenya, India and Canada. The program is online and live at the Nutrien Western Event Centre, Stampede Park.

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  • The goal of Nutrients for Life Foundation is to provide science-based information that helps educate people about the beneficial role of fertilizer.

    Through the development of educational resources and a countrywide outreach campaign, the Foundation informs the public of the role of nutrients in both the production of nutritious, abundant food and the preservation of healthy green spaces. Plant nutrients, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are also required to keep our parks, gardens, playgrounds, sports fields and golf courses green and healthy in communities from coast to coast.

    All information developed by the Foundation is science-based and supported by agronomists, including those at the International Plant Nutrition Institute. Their supplemental educational materials are based on curriculum which has been reviewed by the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum complex and research organization.

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  • Many in agriculture know someone whose life has been affected by a farm-related injury or death. The statistics are sobering. Even more tragic is that these incidents could have been prevented with a few simple safety precautions. That’s why the Progressive Agriculture Foundation® is on a crusade to bring safety and health information to the farming communities who desperately need it. The mission of the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days is simple – to provide education and training to make farm and ranch life safer and healthier for children and their communities.

    At the heart of this effort is the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program. This educational program provides training and resources for local communities to conduct one-day safety and health programs. Safety Days are designed to be age-appropriate, hands-on, fun, and safe for children.

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  • Seed Survivor is a curriculum-based program that teaches elementary students how to grow healthy plants (focusing on water, sunlight, soil and nutrients) and where food comes from. Interactive displays, fun presentations, educational videos, interactive computer games and hands-on seed planting activities make up the foundation of Seed Survivor. Five exhibits tour North America year-round and in 2014 over 100,000 children participated. Nutrien’s kids website has lots of fun videos, games and activities. Program includes student and teacher resources.

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