• Seed Survivor is a curriculum-based program that teaches elementary students how to grow healthy plants (focusing on water, sunlight, soil and nutrients) and where food comes from. Interactive displays, fun presentations, educational videos, interactive computer games and hands-on seed planting activities make up the foundation of Seed Survivor. Five exhibits tour North America year-round and in 2014 over 100,000 children participated. Nutrien’s kids website has lots of fun videos, games and activities. Program includes student and teacher resources.

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  • Spruce Meadows, in partnership with Nutrien presents the GROWING THE NEXT GENERATION School Tours Education Program: Highly interactive sessions, geared towards the grade 4 & 5 curriculum, that focus on agriculture, wetland ecosystems, horse anatomy, health, welfare, and equine history. Since the initiation of the ‘School Tours’ program in the spring of 1976, tens of thousands of Calgary and surrounding area students have participated.

    Spruce Meadows provides a unique representative environment of the growth and change of Alberta, its people and the School Tours program itself. Initiated in 1976 by Mrs.Southern herself the program has evolved over time and continues to incorporate Alberta based curriculum within its existing five stations. Set in an interactive venue to engage and challenge the students, our program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and consciousness to make informed decisions.

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  • Check out these fun online resources for children from Western Development Museum including colouring pages, story time videos and more!

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Teaching Resources
Growing the Next Generation provides a wide selection of resources for teachers.
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