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  • Nutrients for Life Canada has prepared e-lessons for parents or teachers to use at home. The lessons come with links to videos, activity books and games to help educate about the importance of soil, plant nutrients and understanding agricultural sustainability.


  • The goal of Nutrients for Life Foundation is to provide science-based information that helps educate people about the beneficial role of fertilizer.

    Through the development of educational resources and a countrywide outreach campaign, the Foundation informs the public of the role of nutrients in both the production of nutritious, abundant food and the preservation of healthy green spaces. Plant nutrients, especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are also required to keep our parks, gardens, playgrounds, sports fields and golf courses green and healthy in communities from coast to coast.

    All information developed by the Foundation is science-based and supported by agronomists, including those at the International Plant Nutrition Institute. Their supplemental educational materials are based on curriculum which has been reviewed by the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum complex and research organization.

    To learn more visit:

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  • Access a variety of soil-related lesson plans and resources from Nutrients for Life Foundation (USA).

    Check out the E-lessons available.

    New e-lessons launch every Wednesday!


  • This is a 90-second Virtual Reality* game called Nutrients for Life. As players virtually farm they apply Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and water to a field based on 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

    *The game requires an Oculus headset for the full immersed experience, but you can view an online version at
    or download the game from the STEAM VR Store.

    This game is fun for all ages on desktop, but if playing virtually it is recommended for players 8+

    Fun for all ages

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