Grade 5

  • Let’s grow together! Learn to grow food and donate extra locally with the Grow & Give Modern Victory Garden Project. The resources offered are designed to help you grow your own food this year and beyond.

    You got this, Colorado!* Colorado State University Extension & Master Gardeners are here to help every step of the way. 

    Learn more about the history of victory gardens. 

    Fun for all ages

    *State specific information can be found through state land-grant universities Extension & Master Gardener programs. 

  • Choose a tree or a shrub and collect measurements including: height, circumference, and length or buds/leaves. Students tally plants of the same species found in the garden and graph their results. Wrap up: compare students’ answers and discuss the different types of plants found in the garden.  

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  • Project Webfoot, Ducks Unlimited Canada’s elementary school program, links specifically to the Grade 4 to 6 curricula in jurisdictions across Canada. It creates the opportunity for students to apply their learning and connect with nature through safe, interactive and inspiring educational content both inside and outside the classroom. Research shows that this integrated approach provides a strong and compelling way for students to learn about the environment.

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  • Discuss the traditional/current knowledge, customs, and uses of plants (ethnobotany). Students choose 3 plants to draw and discuss what the uses of each plant may be. Wrap up: discuss students’ plant choices and different uses (ie: medicinal, religious, etc.) of the plants chosen.


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  • is a kid-friendly website that brings the story of agriculture in Saskatchewan to life!

    The website dives into the Past, Evolution, Present and Future of agriculture in Saskatchewan, providing kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in the discovery of how agriculture has shaped and continues to influence our economy, culture and communities.

    Through highly interactive information, colourful illustrations, real-life photos, and quizzes, kids will better their understanding and appreciation for food and for the people producing food.

    Visit to see for yourself!

    This website is proudly brought to you by Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan.

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