Grade 1

  • AITC-MB has bilingual resources, lesson plans and free downloads that can be used at home. These lessons focus on Canadian and/or agriculture in Manitoba.

    There is even a COVID-19 lesson regarding the effects on Canada’s Agriculture System and Food Supply.


  • Check out these great eLearning resources from AITC-SK. These at home lessons focus on Saskatchewan agriculture.

    Use the AT HOME filter to find engaging, hands-on resources that will meet curriculum outcomes AND teach your kids about where food comes from!


  • Alberta Open Farm Days provides Albertans with a backstage pass to visit farms and ranches across the province.

    Alberta Open Farm Days is about ranchers and farmers inviting their urban and rural neighbours to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the people producing their food.

    The weekend also provides guests the chance to sample and experience field to table culinary delights at foodie events taking place in rural communities across the province.

    Watch this video or visit for more program information.

    Alberta Open Farm Days is presented by Ag for Life, Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, Alberta Culture and Tourism and Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with Travel Alberta.


  • Discuss animal needs. Focus on homes. Discuss shapes of homes. Students search for, write down and draw animal homes. Wrap-up: share cool homes.

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  • Discuss differing animal needs and habitat. Each student chooses an animal that might live on the schoolyard. Students search for the needs of their specific animals (water, food, shelter). Draw and describe what they find.

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