Distance Learning Resources

We are here to help teachers and parents adjust to school closures and staying safe during COVID-19. The programs listed are free, agriculture education resources for students to use at home.
  • Explore, download and share great curriculum. These self-guided digital resources from Grow Next Gen allow students to work independently to bring science and agriculture home. Pre- and post-tests can be used to check knowledge gains.

    Grades 9 -12

  • Journey 2050 allows schools to experience agriculture like it’s never been taught before. As students explore sustainable agriculture, they make inquiry-based decisions to see the ripple effect on social, economic and environmental factors. Farm families across the world guide students through interactive games such as a virtual farm simulation and career avatar.

    Teacher lesson plans and self-guided experiences are available.

    Grades 7-12


  • Check out the resources provided by Little Green Thumbs for tips and simple activities that connect gardens to core academic subjects. New resources are being developed and added regularly!



  • Check out these new learning activities from NAITCO. These activities have been adapted from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix, and are ready for student eLearning engagement.


  • Nutrients for Life Canada has prepared e-lessons for parents or teachers to use at home. The lessons come with links to videos, activity books and games to help educate about the importance of soil, plant nutrients and understanding agricultural sustainability.