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Did you know?

You and plants have something in common?

A human being is really 60% to 70% of water.

A plant is actually 70% to 90% water.


Click on a game to start playing. Make sure your sound is turned up!

The Oxygenator - Slide your tree back and forth, catching CO2, nutrients and water. The more you catch, the more oxygen your tree produces. Avoid anything that is red, that’s plant disease and pollution!

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Ask the Agronomist - Find out the answers to some frequently asked questions that our Agronomist gets asked!

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A-Maze-ing Underground

A-Maze-ing Underground - Play this Pac Man™ like game to create the perfect balance of nutrients for a crop of corn. While you are down there, take lots of pictures to review later!

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SoilTris Game

SoilTris Game - Build a soil profile with sand, silt and clay blocks like you are playing Tetris®. Remember not to pack the particles too tightly though - soil must be loosely packed for the best results.

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Survivor Soak

Survivor Soak - Find the right water balance for corn plants. If you do well, you will get more plants that need attention.

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Survive with Light

Survive with Light - How well do you know the photosynthesis process? Find out by taking this fun sun quiz.

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photosynthesis animation

Photosynthesis - Need a refresher on photosynthesis before taking the ‘Survive with Light’ quiz? If so, take a few minutes to watch this animation.

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Watershed Explorer and Watershed Detective

2 Games in one bundle!

Watershed Detective - Investigate water samples to find the causes and solutions for challenges in a watershed.

Watershed Explorer - How quick can you find the plants, animals and insects in a watershed? Learn fun facts about each item you capture.

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